The Taming of The Shr-it

I met Mr. Lahey today. Sort of.

Familiar with Trailer Park Boys? No? Wikipedia should help. Or, if you’re brave, Youtube.

Our story begins when the dastardly Mr. Lahey, the Trailer Park Supervisor and boozehound, and Randy, his boyfriend, made an appearance at my campus bar. They sang, Randy smoked a bowl onstage, and they both got quite drunk. Or, appeared to do so. In reality Mr. Lahey rarely drinks. He is an intellectual; He promotes critical thinking on important Canadian issues, quotes Shakespeare, and loves his country. All while pretending to piss his pants. I think a lot of people don’t realise that although TPB is about dumb people doing dumb shit, it’s written by incredible comedians and performed by very talented actors.

I shook his hand and said “very subtle intellectualism, you’re very talented.” He seemed to know exactly what I meant, as he laughed and thanked me.

So, I didn’t really meet Mr. Lahey. I met John Dunsworth, as well as he hides that person for the masses, and I’m glad I did.

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