Father to be: Six years later.

The best part of this is that my daughter is amazing, not to say all kids aren’t amazing, but I mean I was so worried about her getting the “messed up genes” from my crazy family, but in actuality, she is brilliant and athletic. She has the brains and the brawn so to speak, and I know that with my help as a parent, encouraging her the way I never was, she will go on to do something great. The same is to be said about our son, he’ll be 4 soon and continues to amaze us everyday.

It is a struggle at times and there is lots I never got to do but I can never see myself harboring the resentment my father has. I think my father has that mentality because he simply felt obligated to be there but never actually wanted to be. The relationship I have with my kids makes it hurt when I think of my relationship with him. I don’t feel obligated to be here, I couldn’t imagine not being here. Hopefully I’ll make peace with him someday.

I know it’s a little early but Happy Birthday kids! I love you!

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