Idiot Logic

Idiot Logic.

That’s what his older brother called it, that sort of knowing without knowing that occurs from time to time. It happens a lot in dreams, they’d both decided. In the waking world it tended to dictate random fibs to their mother, making the walk home take a few extra minutes, or that a zip line from the roof to the play structure just had to be attempted. This night idiot logic dictated he sneak out his window and head for the school with a backpack containing a road flare, mag light, 17 bottle rockets, 3 lighters, and can of bug spray. Common sense suggested the granola bars and water bottle.

The five blocks through the neighborhood and past the church stretched on, full of menacing shadows. Alex’s mind occupied itself in debate rather than allow speculation regarding the darkness.

What am I doing? Being a hero.

Why am I doing this? You love her.

I hardly know her. Love is blind.

Love is stupid. You are what you are.

Alex had to admit he wasn’t enjoying his own company.

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