First Day

“Shay, you ready?” Gabe, my best friend, asks me.
“Ready for being a freshman? I’m okay.” I answer.
“I heard freshman is just a cover up for saying freshmeat,” Gabe says nervously.

I walk through the doors of Saint City High for the first time ever, and my heart skips a beat. I’ve been told that high school isnt as bad as everyone says, but that doesnt mean I cant be scared. The older girls give me dirty looks and the older guys wink at me.

Maybe I shouldn’t of wore jeans so tight, and a shirt so small.

“I love your outfit, by the way,” Gabe compliments. I smile and thank him for the compliment. The first bell for homeroom has already rang so I guess that means we have a few minutes to get there. When Gabe and I finally find our homeroom, I look around the room and recognize some of the people there and dont recognize the rest. I try to relax and think that nothing could go wrong, but remind myself that anything could go wrong the first day.

Looks like Saint City High is gonna be a bitch.

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