In Honor of a Fallen Family Member

Down in a small room a basement, three teenagers stared up at the ceiling, hearing the screen door open and then shut. Bolting up, they left their idle game of ‘Go Fish’ on the floor.

Blinded by the sunlight for a short moment, the three raced across the lawn after their father, panic set in their eyes. They caught up to him, blocking his path and standing in a straight line, oldest to youngest.

“Pops… You really shouldn’t go to the lake!” The oldest girl suggested.
“Yeah! You should… Uh…” The small boy started.
“Teach us how to play poker! You said you always wanted too!” The middle girl finished, her hands behind her back. The three kids glanced at each other before looking at their father and putting on pleasant smiles.

After a moment of plastered smiles, the man finally agreed, cautious. Going back inside the small ranch house, the young boy stopped, looking out a the lake where a ominous orange glow filled the water, the only sign of the raid on the construction zone the night previous.

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