First Bump In

I decide to skip fourth period for one reason. I dont know where it is. I walk around looking for it and when I finally realize I’m more than late, I turn back and bump into something.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I—” I look up and see a cute guy picking up my books and his.
“You must be a freshy,” he says. I roll my eyes. I hate it when I get called that. Makes me feel alienized.

“I’m a freshman, yeah, thanks,” I say and grab my books and begin to walk away.
“You seem lost,” he says.

“I’m not,” I say quickly back, not looking back.

“There isnt any freshy classes in this hall,”

“I’m skipping,” I say, frustrated that he continues to talk to me.

“Well, so am I. Lets do it together,”

“Uhm, I’m a loner. Thanks.”

“Oh come on. Freshies usually love when Sophmores talk to them,” he says and catches up to me and begins to walk beside me.

“Not your average, freshman,” I say.

“Yeah, I see. I’m Stephen, by the way,” I look at him in the eye and think.

What the hell, I could use another friend.

“I’m Shay,”

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