EMO: Welcome Back Students.

The school year started off bland. The cliques stayed tight together over the summer, tighter than a pair of too small skinny jeans on an obese chick. The preps and jocks walked past chiming their shrill laughter, their smiles, smug and fake plastered to their hideous faces. “Why not? It wouldn’t hurt that bad?” I asked, my long black ringlets bobbing with my every move.
“Because kari,” Carter whined his sapphire blue eyes sparkling beneath his coal black hair. “I think they’re stupid and old school.” He continued.
“No they are not besides i heard that girl you like thinks they are rad.”
“You mean Aubry? I don’t really like her she’s become stuck up and annoying.” He said smirking.
“Well I still think you should get them. They would look awesome. Come on I pierced my ears, why can’t you?” I asked my steel grey eyes flashed their innocent charm that always made him fall to my will."
He sighed longly and over dramatically. “Alright you win. Saturday we’ll go and I’ll get them peirced.” I grinned in victory.

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