First Let Down

Okay. I’ll admit, I’ve never skipped before, but Stephen here seems to have done it once or twice. Not only did we skip 4th period, we skipped 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th. I feel kind of bad, but Stephen is pretty nice, maybe he isnt a stuck up Sophmore.

“School ended like an hour ago Stephen,” I say as we lay on the green grass with the sun beating down on us.

“Yeah, but its fun hanging out with you,”

“We just met today, how can this be so fun?” I ask.

“I dont know. Never really talked that much before.” He says. We had gone on and on about what we hoped for this year, the past and the future, and just life. I’ll have to admit, I had fun to. But he didnt need to know. Suddenly, my phone begins to vibrate and for the first time since I skipped I look at it.

“Holy shit,” I say accidently aloud, “Gabe! I so forgot about him, I’ve gotta go,”

“Gabe? Who’s Gabe?” Stephen’s quick to ask.

“My best friend, I totally ditched him at school,” I get up and start fast-walking home.

Gabe’s gonna be pissed as shit.

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