Down the Rabbit Hole

I had no choice but to trust Acrylic and head into the dark tunnel behind the French ‘doorman’. It made my hairs stand on end to be so ‘in the dark’ and I didn’t mean the literal cave-like darkness of the space.

It quickly shifted downward and when I calculated we were about 50 feet underground, it opened up into a sort of large bomb shelter. There was a main room with a table, chairs, and computer monitors, a side room with cots, and storage rooms for food and weapons.

“MegaCorp doesn’t know this exists?” I questioned.
“They did, it was once theirs, but we’ve erased it from their databases.”

Littered on the table were blueprints, notes, and parts to some kind of incendiary device. My cybersocket highlighted magnesium, fuses, vials, and clay. Acrylic didn’t mess around.

“So what do you need me for?” I asked, eying the blueprints of MegaCorp’s 70 story main operations building.

“We need Mephisto to reveal her contacts. Once we have the inside men, we can plan the takeover.”
“You want me to hack Mephisto!”

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