A Falling Star

I wished upon a falling star
And this is what I got.
A headache for my troubles
And a heart that’s gone to rot.

I called for you, Prince Charming,
And who did I receive?
The Knight in shining armor
With a dagger up his sleeve.

A dagger meant for me alone,
From a man who killed with love.
With smiles, lies, and deepening sighs
From a voice as soft as a dove.

My heart I gave you freely
And in return you gave
A belly full of anger
And a longing for the grave.

I’m done with love
I’ve had enough
Of the pains I did receive.
But you are rough
And say you’re tough
And hearts belong not on sleeves.

This is my advice to you,
Please listen and take heed.
Don’t wish upon those falling stars
For all that you’ll receive
Is a dose of searing anger
And no hope of a reprieve.

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