She stood there in her lacy nightgown on the edge of the cliff. The sky was dark. Huge black clouds rolled containing a fury that was soon to be unleashed. The sea far below was just as dark and angrily crashed into the rocks at the foot of the cliff. The wind whipped her hair back in long tangles. Her face was already soaked with tears. She breathed in the sea mist in shuddering breaths and tried to compose herself. In her hand she held the head of her most precious porcelain doll.

This was the doll her father had traveled across the sea in a ship to get for her. This was the doll that had come special delivery. This was her best friend and most treasured possession. It went with her everywhere.

She raised it to eye-level. It’s expressionless eyes stared into her soul. It’s delicate lips held tight against secrets she once shared with it. Her lace sleeve blew up over the face and her thoughts turned grim. It wasn’t a doll anymore. It was just a head.

She threw it. Now it was like her father, lost at sea.

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