Deep Space Disaster

“There’s a problem.”

“I know, I checked the stabilizer pods yesterday and they were running a little hot. I’ll look into it.”

“No, I mean a real problem.”

“Don’t tell me we’re leaking something?”

“No, Jeffrey, we’re out of milk.”


“I didn’t drink any, I swear!”

“Where’s Lars?”

“I haven’t seen him since launch.”

“Find him.”


“Oh, hey Ollie, you startled me. What’s up?”

“We’re entering the Oreo Nebula and somebody drank all the milk, that’s what’s up.”

“Oh. Wow. I mean, hmm. That sucks. Did you check with Jeffrey?”

“Of course I checked with Jeffrey, he’s only the bloody captain.”

“So you think I drank it.”

“I know you drank it.”

“Um. Okay, fine, you got me. I drank it.”

“Did you not see the flight plan? What do we ALWAYS do when we pass through here?”

“We have a cookie party, but…”

“And you thought this time would be any different from usual?”

“I didn’t realize—! I thought we had more.”

“Only that evaporated crap.”

“I’m sorry!”

“I’m taking you to the brig now.”

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