The Long Road: The First Steps

It started when I was a child, the anger, the loathing, and my mom always made excuses for it. I saw her argue everyday with my stepdad, I saw them put holes in walls, flip tables, and that violence eventually found it’s way to me too as I found myself on the receiving end of a punch at a very young age. Violence was all around me when I was at home, I could feel the hatred nesting in my house. I was never taught how to handle such anger when I felt it balling up inside of me, I just did what I saw was being done and eventually child sized holes started forming in the walls and toys would end up in pieces. The older I got the bigger things I moved onto, tables, chairs, the TV. When I was a teenager I met my mom and step dad’s anger full force and so did my sister so everyday was like Armageddon. When I was 16 they threw me out until they realized that was illegal, so they took me back in and waited til I graduated at 17 and then back out the door I was.

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