The Perfect, Lonely girl

black or white, Asian or English
tall or short, thick or thin
brown hair, black hair, blond hair, red hair
punk, emo, prep, jock

She is the girl for everyone
All you want to love
she is for you
No one can deny her beauty

Friendly, sweet, gentle, kind
Witty, sarcastic, lovable, knowledgable
Accepting, forgiving, helpful, thoughtful
Confident, proud, aggressive, felixable

She is the girl everyone passes up
Perfect they say,
But in the end someone is better
No one can say why she ends each day alone

Friendless, alone, shy, scared
Upset, empty, withering, discarded
Rotting, lost, forgotten, lonely
Sad, simple, broken, hurt

She is the girl they all call friend.
Though she believes
there isn’t one out there just for her
No one has stayed by her side for long yet.

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