My First Kiss (A Poem)

I was thirteen,
I was young, I was short.
My girlfriend was lean,
she played lots of sports.

My left and my right hands,
pressed up against her hips.
I was kind of afraid, though,
to finally touch lips.

I thought,I’m wayy to old,
for this to be my first,
She probably kissed many.
I’ll surely be the worst

I was leaned ‘gainst a tree,
the bark warm, like her.
She asked if I’d kissed before,
I whispered, “Never.”

She saw my lips form
the “N-E-V” then “Er”.
She grabbed my head,
pulled me in closer.

When our lips met,
My eyes closed (instinct).
We stayed there like that
forever, I think….

Her lips were so soft,
It was insane.
This felt amazing.
It started to rain.

This made it seem…..
just a bit… better…
as our lips stayed pressed,
and our bodies got wetter.

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