Well, I'll tell you a story.....

I was out on my roof.
Yes, my roof.
And I thought about what may happen if one tried to land on the trampoline we have set out in our backyard.
So I call my sister outside and tell her to bring the camera.
I wanted her to record my moment of glory.
I say to her, “HEY LILY! If someone tried to jump off of here onto there what would happen?”
She gave me no response.
However, within ten minutes there was a crowd of maybe fourty men and women outside cheering me on.
“Jump! Jump! Jump!” They all screamed.
So I did.
I leapt into the air, hands waving.
I don’t know how I landed. The landing was the only part my sister didn’t get on video.
She got me jumping, and me sideways on the trampoline, holding my arm.
There was a jagged piece of something pearly white with little stains of red sticking out of my elbow
Bones are white.
Bones are VERY white.

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