The Good For Nothing Detective: Jones Missing Pants

“May I offer you some tea?”
Detective Jones stood from behind the bench, making his way to the window. Where sat two sets of books, and a kettle on a hot stove.
“Mr. Jones why are you not wearing any pants and further more where is your pants?”
“Oh sorry, I was drinking a cup of coffee when I spilled some. I was going to get my pants, but it seems I have misplaced them.”
“How can you misplace your pants?”
“Well you see I was standing by the window waving them outside the window. Then you came knocking and I seem to set them down by the window and now they are no longer were I had set them before.”
“Jones are you sure they haven’t fallen out the window.”
Detective Jones ponders the thought of his pants falling out the window.
“You may be right; I never thought they could fall out the window.”
“You don’t think on many things Jones.”
Jones looked at the young detective in despair he would be insulted in his own office.
“Now there is no need to insult me, I was just not thinking straight.”

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