Warrior Princess

Prologue (continued)
“How?” Kala asked?
“She’ll become immortal the very second she turns 22. I will destroy her before then. watch me. " Wursa disappeared in a smoky haze.
Queen Kala started sobbing. She rang her bell and called for her husband, King Gordon.
“What happened darling. Why are you crying,” he asked. Kala explained everything to him. “WHAT!?” he cried, “No, my only child.” He moaned. Suddenly he stood straight. “I’ll be back soon,” he called after scooping the baby out of her arms.
Kala felt the loss in her heart, and hoped Gordon would come back soon.

Gordon rode to the fisherman’s house. He knocked and knocked. Finally, the door opened. He showed the fisherman and his family his baby daughter and explained the situation. “But what can we do, sire?” ssked the fisherman’s wife.
“You can give me your daughter.”
“What, never!”
“Please, I will send my Stella to the warrior academy for girls, and your daughter, Stella will say in the castle with us. Once Stella has become strong, she’l save her

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