First Walk Out

“What are you gonna say?” Stephen asks, breaking me out of my trance.
“I dont know,” I say. I told Stephen why Gabe is mad at me. I have a weird feeling that I can trust him. I hope I’m not wrong.

We pull up to Gabe’s house and I jump out the car to his door. A few seconds after I ring the bell, Gabe opens the door, and before he shuts it in my face I say,
“I brought you Skittles. You can have them if you let me explain first,” he stands there, “Honestly, I skipped because I didnt know where my class was and well, I met someone. Before I knew it, school was over. I’m SO sorry.” He looks at me sincerley and just when I see he’s about to forgive me, Stephen appears behind me. Gabe looks at him a bit shocked.
“You ditched me for him? Way to pick your boyfriend over your best friend,” Gabe says. Before I can say anything he slams the door. Fuck.
“What the fuck, Stephen! You messed everything up,” I yell.
“Sorry I didnt know,” I start walking, “let me take you home!”
“You’ve done enough, thanks,” Great day.

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