The Chosen

C’h’caaa surveyed the beauty of each contestant. There were strength, intelligence, love, power, and so many other traits present, yet there was no clear answer. Each individual was beautiful in its own way…

C’h’caaa turned to face the crowd, a worried look in its eyes. It was then that it saw its champion.

“I have decided,” it said. “In this crowd shines a beauty so bright, so complete, that no others can compare.” It turned its many eyes to focus on a young, half-elven girl, no more than twelve human years old. “You, step forward.”

The girl looked up at her mother, who nodded. She let go of her mother’s hand and stepped forward, timidly.

The crowd was shocked. How could this girl, a mutt, be the most beautiful?

“This girl has within her the potential to shine with all the forms of beauty shown before you. Physical beauty, intelligence, agility, love, cunning… She may someday posses them all. I see her destiny, and her choices shall define her true beauty.”

If only she knew, C’h’caaa thought.

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