On the Subject of the Morning After

“No,” said Seb. “There’s much more to life than just sleeping around.”

“You’re right,” Mark replied, smiling. “There’s sneaking out before they wake up again.”

He took a sip of his pint. Seb had noticed that whenever Mark said something he considered to be witty he would take a sip of his drink. More than once he’d been tempted to ask Mark to hold a bottle of washing-up liquid or motor oil and then lead him into a conversation in which he’d inevitably end up being “witty”, but Seb’s conscience wouldn’t allow it.

Sometimes, but not often, Seb wished he wasn’t such a conscientious man.

“Look,” Seb continued. “It’s not just about sex. Sometimes, sometimes, you want to make a connection with a person, y’know?”

“But I am making connections with people.”

“I mean emotionally. Not… physically.”

Mark furrowed his brow. “I don’t understand. Why would I want to make an emotional connection to someone I’m going to have sex with?”

“With an attitude like that,” sighed Seb, “Why would anyone want to?”

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