Confessions of a YaYa Drama Queen

A haze hat settled over the latter regions of Mid-Scottish Manhattan.

Jarvis Hannark noticed that the streets looked rather globby that day quite globby indeed. He adjusted the position of his manly particulars and moved along unphased. He thought…. “if i founded a genie and wished me some good wishes then i could be so fergalicious.”

Across the street Batman heard the man’s thoughts. “Insolent basterd,” batman gleefully proclaimed as he smirked a large rectangular smirk. Robin tugged at Batman’s cape. Without notice Batman turned, backhanded, and began spanking Robin.

“It hurts so good yeah yeah i love it baby this is really hot sometimes at night i imagine you naked when im taking off my shirt or stuff yeah your so freaking hot do me girl i love it.”

A nemesis was born that day….. The brooklyn bog home to many globby booger boggers is sure to be the answer.

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