Nuova Vita

I rolled around in my imprisoned state. The dirty white cement walls and their markings told stories of the once was.

The walls retained their dark memories of the cruel sights they had witnessed and seemed to replay them in my mind.

The light trickled in through the window at the far side of the cell. The gray bars battered and bruised from years of attempted escape were what kept me inside this insanity.

Suddenly a burst of cold wind filled the room accompanied with what appeared to be…. ash, no, no wait not ash, but black snowflakes…. pretty black snowflakes.

Was I going insane? Was I actually becoming the person they thought they locked up?

I looked down, “I’m bleeding.” I said with a child’s innocence and grinned.

I crawled towards the window amidst the black snow and broken glass.

The light grew infinitely brighter as my grin grew bigger. My eyes widened.

I now lay under the window and reached up towards the light.

I reached and reached until I touched the face of God.

“New Life.”

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