Warrior Princess

Chapter 1
When I was little, I was set on the steps of the warrior school. No one knows how I got there, least of all me. All I know is that I was set with a letter, and a lot of money. I am 21, and my name is Stella. I don’t know what my last name is, and as there is only one other Stella in the kingdom, it matters not to me. I learned quickly and I am the star pupil of the Warrior Academy.
My birthday was in 6 months, and then I would set off from the school. With my friends of course. And my boyfriend, Daren. He’s the best.
My four other friends are Jason and Alice, and Rosa and Elliot.
We are all paired off, and the best of friends. The boys always get sullen when I beat them in fighting matches. But I can’t halp laughing when big, burly Elliot gets pummeled to the ground by little ‘ol me.
I can’t wait to turn 22.

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