Fight with Jedi Mind-Powered Grace

I stared at the questions hanging over me in the air. I was dressed in a suit jacket and skirt, filling out applications and wondering about what it would be like to work at these places. The college job fair was packed with the next generation workforce, all eager to start into what they hoped would be fulfilling careers.

Why was I here? Of all the college fairs on every campus packed with hopeful students, only a few would get the jobs. There weren’t enough jobs to go around. Someone still had to be manager of McDonald’s.

It all boiled down to these two questions:
“Do you believe in your own potential? What does that prospect inspire?”

If you believe in yourself and have the energy necessary to wow the employer, you’d get the job. If you get bogged down thinking about losing, then you miss the whole point. In this fight, the winner is the one with the most confidence.

So my choice was, give up and save some ink and trees, or turn on the calm assertiveness and fight with Jedi mind-powered grace.

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