The Ghost of Lara Brown pt2

The crew jumped back from the monitor, each one of them yelping in their own way.
“Rewind that,” said one.
“No, just let it play!” Nina Sanchez said.
On the monitor, Leo Castronopoulis remained, ever the intrepid reporter, likely not realizing what the camera had captured.
“I don’t think i understand what you’re saying. What is ‘The Dark Room’?”
The girl, no taller than 5 feet tall was dressed in short pants, a white blouse and an old pink sweater, which was left unbuttoned. Her hair was unkempt, and knotted. Her face was empty, with alabaster skin too contrasted by dark freckles. “The dark, dark room waits,”
“Waits?” Leo waved at the cameraman, Jeff Parks, to follow. Leo lifted a portable mic closer to the girl, “Waits for whom?”
“It waits for us, silly,” the girl smiled showing rows of pearly white teeth.
“Will you take us?” IS it haunted?" Leo could hardly contain his enthusiasm.
“Haunted? No. I will take us to the dark room,” the girl turned to face the camera.
A chill came over the crew.

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