The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 3

“Is it just me, or is it getting cold?” Leo, on the monitor said, pulling his suit jacket tighter about him.
Jeff’s voice behind the camera came through, as they walked following the girl; the camera captured her from just below Jeff’s knee, looking up, “I don’t know about this Leo. She’s freaking me out. Did you look at her eyes?”
“Come on!” giggled the reporter, “It’s all part of the festivals around here. Haunted Manors, witch hunt! Christ man, get some balls. You can’t possibly believe in all that shit?! Are we rolling?”
“Well, we can edit all that out,” Leo cleared his throat and took some quick steps after the young girl, “Uhm, hey, listen, tell me something. What is your name?”
He thrust the mic in her face. “Lara,”
“Lara, eh? Lara? What?”
“Lara Brown,”
“That’s a great name. And are you from Salem. Are you part of the Hallow’s Eve celebration next week?”
The girl’s face went dark. “No celebrations. Only the dark, dark, room!”
Leo’s laugh had a hint of nervous hesitation, “the dark room, right!”

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