Edna Worries About the Implications

“The first date, and you think—he might be a stalker?” Joanne asked incredulously.
“Yep,” Edna said with a heavy sigh, contemplating another fry. She’d killed a lot of points on her date. “Pretty weird, huh,”
Joanne pushed her tofu around on her plate, “Weird.”
Edna thought better of the fry and considered her friend, her perpetually skinny friend.
“You know,” Joanne said softly, “Just because a guy likes you doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with him.”
Cough, ahem. Ahem, cough. “Let’s not start that discussion again.”
They stared at their food in silence for a bit, the clock on the wall making the only contribution to conversation with a steady tick-tock.
“Oh sweetie,” Joanne finally huffed, “I just hate to see you ditch something before it’s even started.”
“Before it’s ended, you mean.”
“Edna,” she scolded back.
“Don’t be all judgy. I already said I’d go out with him again.”
Joanne tried to contain her excitement. She was Edna’s hang-out friend, but this could be a new start for her friend.

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