The Ghost of Lara Brown pt4

The crew crowded closer to the montior, “I don’t get what’s so fascinating with this tape?” Engineer, Carl Twipp said.
“Someone dropped it at the post-office in Salem last night and mailed it to us. We haven’t heard from Leo!” Nina said.
“It’s another one of Leo’s practical joke. You know what he’s like!”
Intern, Mark Crawford shook his head, “Watch the rest. I think you’ll change your mind”
The picture jumped as Jeff carried the camera up a flight of steps. His huffing and puffing could be heard as he chased after Leo and the girl.
“Slow down, man!” Jeff exclaimed, “You’re not haulin’ this camera! it’s getting heavy!”
“Right,” Leo complied.
“Everything is getting heavy,” the mic picked up Jeff’s almost inaudible whimper, “Can’t believe we’re doing this,”
Leo went into a monologue. “As part of the festivities, the people of Salem often relive the Witch Trials and take to exploring the dark recesses of the famous cemeteries hosted here in this fine town. Are we retracing the steps of fallen witch? Stay tuned!”

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