The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 5

“Are you getting this?” Leo’s voice was excited.
The picture was jostled as Jeff lifted the camera onto his shoulder, and put a large crypt-house into focus. The stone was old and pock-marked with dew and moss.
Leo commented, "We are standing here before a crypt. Who knows how old it is. By the looks of it, I would estimate it goes back as far as the Witch Trials that took place here. Our hostess, Lara Brown has led us here, an adventure tracing us back to the days when women throughout this country-side were hunted down and burned.
“Some have suggested that crypts in this cemetery are haunted. I remain optomistically open-minded regarding things of the paranormal, and I must tell you: Standing here, at the threshold of an 100 year old crypt; well, let’s just say that I, Leo Castronopoulis feel a cold sweat coming over me,”
The shot went from Leo’s face to the gap beneath the crypt door, “Leo, there’s gaddamn light coming from behind the door,”
Lara’s empty, black eye filled the frame, “The Dark Room!”

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