EMO: Math is Now in Session

His hair was long and in his face a complete Greek god in black. His name was Aiden and I knew i was falling in love. He sat in front of me in math, he rarely smiled but when he did, angels sang. We are best friends, ever since we were young. I began Dozing off as the teacher droned on. Blah, blah, blah. ‘When will we ever need to know math anyways.’ I thought to my self. Aiden threw a piece of paper at me, his scrawled writing was scribbled on the front. Hey what’s up? Isn’t he so annoying. I swear we’re never going to learn anything if he keeps up with the lectures. Anyway, what are you doing Saturday I wanna hang out w/u. w.b.p. I scribble down that Carter and I were going to get his ears pierced. I stuck it in his black Skillet hoodie’s hood. He read it and laughed. “AIDEN! KARI! PAY ATTENTION!” Mr. Scotts yelled at us. The bell rang a few minutes later. I rushed out of class and headed towards my locker. “Hey speedie slow down, I’m trying to talk to you.” It was Aiden.
“Sup?” I smiled.

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