Stanley Beauregard: The Boogie Bog Bard

It was a winter day on The S.S Hodge Podge Garbage Barge, Stanley Beauregard, former captain of the S.S Fun Ship gazed off into an endless gray fog that had set over the bog. The sea seemed uneasy that day. The tenured sea dog had never seen such ferocious white caps in all his years out on the ocean. He also thought it was quite odd that there would even be waves in a bog. “Seamen, come, my orders are as such: we will defeat the boogie bogman today,” the stoic captain proclaimed.

“Grlarrrrrrrkle” A very boogie-sounding voice resonated about the bog.

“Abandon Ship,” the captain ordered his men.

One by one each seamen was devoured by the evil boogieman. The boogieman used each seaman’s soul to add another boogie layer to his flab patch.

A nemesis was born that day….. The brooklyn bog home to many globby booger boggers is sure to be the answer.

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