The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 6

The image on the monitor went dark for a moment as white bits of static took over most of the image.
Jeff’s voice shouted, “Jesus Christ! Oh Christ! Did you …” he was cut off as he fell back over something, and fell to the ground, spilling the camera.
“What..?!” came from Leo, “Jeff? What happened,” the shadow of Leo’s form past the camera’s eye, and he could be heard picking Jeff up on the ground.
“Did you see that?! Jesus… Oh my god! This is… WE have to get out of here, Leo!”
“What? Why?! What the hell is the matter with you, man.”
“WHERE’S THE GIRL, LEO!” Jeff shouted. The picture shook, as Jeff picked up the camera and tried, in the dusky light to focus on the door, “Where did she go?”
The camera now focused on Leo, as he turned to look at Lara Brown. When he found she was not there, Leo’s face went ashen. And in spite of that, he forced a smile upon his face,
“What? That’s…” he stammered. “I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation,”
“She walked through the goddamned door,” Nina whispered.

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