The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 7

“They’re not going in there are they?” Carl asked.
As he spoke, on the monitor, Leo pried the door open. His hands went over his head as the doors swung open, and in the doorway stood Lara Brown. Her hands were at her sides, and her eyes were closed. She hummed an unrecognisable song, and turned her back on the reporter.
“This is fun,” she said disappearing down a set of stairs.
“Come on,” Leo waved.
“Are you out of your mind. She went THROUGH that door,” Jeff took a close up of Leo’s face. It glistened in the dim light of an overhead, powered candelabra.
“No. That’s impossible,”
“I’m telling ya, Leo, I saw it with my own two eyes,”
Leo thought for a moment.
The tension in the studio, as the crew watched on was thick and silent.
“Just think of the story this can make. Nina will piss her pants,”
All eyes were on the blushing director.
“Sorry Nina,” Leo stared into the camera, “I kid cuz I care. You know how it is!”
The camera panned just as hands gripped at Leo pulling him into the crypt, screaming.

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