The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 8

The camera fell to its side, and the picture showed two hands around Leo’s neck, dragging him back into the darkness of the crypt. His feet kicked as his gurgled screams sent the crew of News ON Six reeling back away from the monitor, or hiding their eyes.
“LEO!” Jeff ran after him, the camera fixed on the dark hallway, Jeff’s feet running away.
The screams became louder and more horrifying until the scraping of Leo’s feet across the dusty floor came to a stop. The camera caught some movement, as the auto focus struggled to maintain a stable image.
“Jesus Christ, Leo! Are you ok?”
“I’m fine. Get the camera!”
“No way.. "
“Get the fucking camera, Jeff. I don’t know what she is but she ain’t human!”
Footfalls were heard as Jeff’s booted feet came back into focus.
“Crazy sonofabitch,” the camera shook as he placed it on his shoulder, and focused on a wall, “You’re crazy Leo!” he shouted at the darkness and started walking.
There were loud swooshing sounds in the next chamber as Leo pointed,
“The Dark Room!”

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