Tanya Knows The Price {Retro Ficlets}

“What do ya want wid me?” I demanded.

“Why, the bounty of course!” Tanya smiled. “Do ya have any idea of the price on yer head?”

Of course I knew, but why would I let her know that?

“A price?” I asked. “What price? I’ve never had no price on my head.”

Tanya’s smile turned cold. “What do ya take me fer? An idiot?” she asked.

“Ah, no.” I threw her a wink. “Just a pretty darlin’ that’s right confused.”

Tanya drew both pistols faster than I had ever thought possible. I’d never seen anyone that quick.

“Get in the coach.” she said as matter of factly, as if she was dicussing the weather.

“I’m tellin’ youse, lady. I ain’t the one ya want.” I tried again.

She fired one shot that slammed into a cactus a foot from me.


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