Treasure Island

Old Mr. Arnold was delighted when the bookstore man told him what his book was worth. “First edition of Treasure Island. It’s worth at least ten grand retail; but I can’t buy it from you. Try eBay.”

“That’s a lot of money.” Thought he. “Especially with all of Annie’s funeral costs.” So Mr. Arnold called his Grandson to help him set it up.

Days passed and many people bid on the book. Bidding reached $9900 dollars.

The last day of the auction, Mr. Arnold recieved an email from the top bidder. “Is the frontispeice free of flaws?” He inquired. Mr. Arnold’s heart sank as he realized that this man just wanted the book for display.

He thought of Christmas of his tenth year: his father had passed the book on to him. He remembered reading in the nut tree, his heart soaring on the Hispaniola. Nights of suspense reading by lamplight. Long John Silver. The Black Spot. Billy Bones. It was the book that taught him honesty, honor, and faith.

Mr. Arnold replied:
Dear Sir,
I’ll keep my book, thank you.

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