The Magic. (Part 1)

People are always curious as to what keeps a person like me going.

When you reject religion, spirituality, and belief in anything but the tangible, life must seem pretty bleak, right? You are left only with science, with the hard facts of war, disease, poverty, and death. Without God, there is no magic cure, no silver bullet to solve the world’s problems, no greater purpose to soften the blow. I mean, sure, a person such as myself can still enjoy the simple pleasures in life. But when you look at human life from a purely scientific perspective you see that it’s a lot of struggle, a lot of pain, loss, and suffering, for very little reward. We are born, we grow up, we work hard so that we may reach a place of comfort. We enjoy that comfortable space for a few years, and then our time is up.

So, people ask me, why bother?

If it’s all the same to you, why even try?

What’s the point of living when there’s no magic in life?

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