These Changing Promises

There will come a time when you lose everything you ever loved. People will go that always said they would stay. Words won’t express what you need to say. Faith will be lost. Hope will seem far. Emptiness will engulf your being.

You’ll change.

But I hope you will start to live for yourself and not for the people that left you behind. Because what you don’t see is that you did the same to them. And promise me that even when they look at you with disgust, that you won’t let it break your heart. And say that you won’t become a mirror of their actions to show them how it feels. I know their eyes can burn a hole through your heart, but that is when you remember what it was like when they filled it with joy.

It won’t be the same. Ever again. You must accept that. Once you do, you can appreciate the moments that together you laughed, danced, and smiled. And forget about all the hurt, anger, and looks they ever throw your way.

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