T'n'C: At an Expense

Considering that I harbor a small glimer of hope in humanity, it’s probably not the best idea to try something out at humanity’s expense. But, I feel compelled to try it out anyway.

After careful research and experimentation, I’ve engineered something people call a virus. It’s very similar to another so-called virus already existing among the population, but I’ve made very minute changes to it. It’s nothing too blatent, just enough to distinguish this as “something new.”

Once released, I’m aware that there might be general mayhem and chaos, but I’m most interested to study the more specific reaction. There may be repercussions for conducting this experiment of sorts, but throughout my research I’ve learned that, like elsewhere, humanity will go to extreme lengths to carry out something for the sake of research.

And, while there is highly advanced simulation technology at my disposal, I’ve discovered that humanity is too unpredictable for even computers to forsee, so direct application is my only option.

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