I don’t think the Mayans realized how much they would affect the world by assuming the date it would end.
For thousands of years, man had been worrying about doomsday. 12/21/12.
Nothing happened.
There was no explosion, there was no…. no asteroid.
There was nothing.
There were other fucking people.
See, people get it into their messed up little heads, world’s gonna end, so they get all hyped up, they start doing stuff.
They started… killing each other.
People started throwing stuff into windows. They started robbing, looting, grabbing everything they can find.
Rapes, Murders, Robberies.
There were more rapes that day in New York than there were in the entirety of 1933.
People weren’t people, they were monsters.
It was it’s own self-fulfilling prophecy.

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