A Blood Soaked Downfall

I am sitting here staring at a mark on the wall, I have no feelings I’m empty nothing at all. My mind feels like theres nothing inside, I have nothing wrong with me, this is me assessing myself.

Its like being in a corner or on a shelf. I am out of the way of people and bustle. Sitting and staring not moving.

I feel like the mark in its gigantic space, I could be lost without a trace. The mark stares at me and I at it, but here not moving I quietly sit. Am I on the road to heaven or hell? This is one thing no one can tell. These inner thoughts are like a prism. The guy from the office next door crashes into my office, kicking my doorstop making the door creak shuddering me back to realism.

I make excuses as to why he cannot have what he is requesting. He leaves slightly annoyed. But not as annoyed as me, after all my peace was shattered.

Now where was I?

Ahhh that’s right plotting the blood soaked downfall of the guy from the office next door.

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