new moon, new me

you know what? screw it. screw it all!

i knew that your love for me was fake. i knew it and i let myself be led around on a leash, jumping at your heels, barking for attention. i basked in every pet, every kind word, every treat you threw at me.

but now i know the truth. you think i’m just some little pain in the butt. you think i’m some yapping annoying toy you wish you could rip the batteries out of.

well forget it. i won’t come barking up your tree. if you want to talk to me like a human being, then you know where to find me, but forget me coming to you. i bet you won’t even notice i’m gone. i bet you’ll be relieved.

screw you. screw you and your needs that you obviously think are greater than mine. i gave you more than you deserve. you never appreciated it, never thanked me, you just left to lick your wounds you think are so massive. well they’re not. they’re tiny cuts. my world is no longer about you.

i’ll be a new me tomorrow, you’ll see. or not. who cares if you see, not me, not anymore.

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