Muffin Movie

That dreadful day left its mark on us forevermore. It was in the books we read, the movies we watched. Consider this trailer…

The music came up: loud, discordant. It grated on the ears.

The muffins rained from the skies as the music swelled. In the heart of the devastation and carnage, something…_moved_.

As the camera cut to a closer scene, the moving thing could be seen more clearly. It was a roughly human-shaped shadow, with two eyes that glowed a bright currant red.

As the screams and cries of the bemuffined competed for attention with the music, it laughed mockingly. It approached the camera, raising its arm to stab with the muffin held in one clenched fist.

And the voice-of-God announcer intoned, “HAVE YOU SEEN…THE MUFFIN MAN?”

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