My Sister the Car

“But…what happened? He threw you in the trunk, and then…all that blood…” James trailed off. “Um…where are you?”

“I’m in the car,” Sera’s voice said, coming out of the stereo speakers.

James looked around. “Uh, yeah? But where?” He poked his head back behind the passenger seat, checking to see if there was a remote driving rig tucked down in the floor like they used to use for TV shows where the car would have to “drive itself.” No, nothing.

“No, bro, I mean I’m in the car,” Sera said. The dash lights blinked twice. “I don’t exactly know what happened myself.”

James had always been able to “read” her voice, and now he knew there was something Sera wasn’t telling him. But then what she’d said right before that finally hit him. “You’re in the car,” James repeated.

“Gosh, bro, you sure are smart! Did you get hit on the head extra-hard this morning?” Sera asked cheerfully.

Didn’t I see this in some old sitcom or something? James wondered. My Sister the Car? “So…what do we do now?”

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