Boarding the Social Choo-Choo Train

Both the sports-car automechs froze when I stepped out. That was when I knew I had them. Time to engage in a little good old-fashioned social engineering.

Or, as most would call it, “lying.” (Computer geeks have to have fancy names for everything—that’s just how we roll.)

The main thing to remember is power flows from self-confidence. Act like you have authority, and you will have it. And nothing says “authority” like having a good mad-on. So I didn’t get scared—I got pissed. “What the hell do you idiots think you’re doing? Who authorized this? Do you know how much time and effort you’ve just blown?”

I stalked angrily toward them, indignation exuding from every exhaust port, ignoring the weapons they were holding. “Do you know how long it took to infiltrate this Marauder cell? To get them to trust me? I had them eating out of my hand, then you go and pull this little stunt. Internal Affairs is going to hear about this!” I fumed.

The Aegis ’mechs exchanged nervous glances and started to back away.

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