OT 7

Some things are threatening, others, such as a man wearing a Coolie draped in a large dark kimono, are not. The guards peered down at the pathetic man from their high walls. He must have come from the nearby rice patties, his days work was finished and he was suffering from heat exhaustion, that would explain how he managed to wander this way home, to the governors estate.
“You’re lost boke” They laughed. The farmer slowed his pace, his arms were hidden inside his over-sized shirt sleeves and his face covered by the shadow cast from his hat.
“Turn around, this is the governors estate, return to your shanty!”
The peasant bowed, as if to apologize for his simple ways.
Six guards set in line chuckled in unison.
Hahah-” it stopped at suddenly as it began. The peasant released an instantaneous burst of shuriken, landing a point into each of the guards foreheads, killing them instantly.
The ninja stripped his attire and scaled the wall.
The governor was next.

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