There be Worth in Some Tales

“So I said, ‘They be scalin’ the walls!’”. ‘Best be killin’ em off!’ The Cap’n replied. I grabbed me sword and cut that first scalawag off our port side. There were more mean eye crawling up over the Cap’n’s ship. ‘There be too many Cap’n!’ I said. The Cap’n didn’ look scurred to me, but think’in’ now, I be think’in he must’a been!"
“What did the Captain do then?”
“Well, you be know’in the Cap’n” The sailor looked around, hunched down and whispered “He said to ‘Each head was to be repaid in gold coin!’ That got me and the crew work’in! I lobbed me off fi’ty!”
“Well, maybe it was for’y…”
“And this simple offer of coin for pirate heads was enough to motivate the crew?”
“You best be beliv’in!” The sailor sat back in his chair, a smug look on his face.
“I heard there was more to that story”
The sailors eyes narrowed, “Ye be hear’in wrong”
“I heard the Captain used a different motivator, a weapon?”
“I dunno about no weapon”
“That’s too bad Tom” The man in the black surcoat stood, “Too bad for you”.

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