James walked around and got in the driver’s seat again, then pulled out onto the road. “Okay, I’d say the first thing we do is put some distance between us and, well, everything we’ve ever known. They’re obviously looking for us, and they obviously knew enough about my routine that they were able to pick us up somewhere that they knew we would be, and be alone. To go back where we’re known would be tantamount to walking into a trap. Looks like we’re going to be driving for a while. Good thing you’re a Regal, don’t have to worry about getting uncomfortable.” he chuckled, patting the grey Alcantara of the seat beside him as took the onramp to the expressway.

“Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out then. Just one question… Where are we going?” Sera asked sarcastically.

“No clue.” he sighed. “If I knew who or what we were up against, I would, but I don’t. That is, unless you’re going to own up. You’ve always said you’re subtle as a brick to the head, sis. You know more than you’re letting on.” he demanded.

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