A different menu

Egbert couldn’t see why Dave had insisted he needed a different place for the second date. But, thankfully, the Snout and Whisker looked almost identical to the Carp and Whistle inside.
“You didn’t have to bring those,” chirped Edna.
Sensible woman, thought Egbert. “Sorry, I got talked into it.”
Everyone at the Carp had made such a big thing that he’d capitulated and bought some pink, dry flowers from Tesco Express.
“Actually, I nearly got talked out of…” Edna scrabbled in a large handbag til she found what she was looking for, “…bringing this.” She pulled out a wad of envelopes, a notebook and a small file. “My friend Joanne says it’s important to start afresh, but I feel like I want you to know – you know, really know – who I am.”
“OK,” said Egbert, looking at the board.
And as Edna started reading the contents of her diaries and letters (and her self-devised Relationship Guidelines), Egbert read the menu, wondering what the hell a gourmet burger was, and why it involved something called coriander.

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